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Cookie Policy

What are cookies and why we use them
This website employs cookies to allow users to personalize their visit on the site.
Cookies are small text strings memorized by the browser on the computer’s hard drive to store and send information. Every time a user returns to this website, the browser sends these cookies in order to provide them with a personalized navigation experience, fast and easy, avoiding redundant actions such as entering data every time they browse the site.  
By browsing the site, the user can receive cookies coming from their own side, namely sent by different websites or web servers (i.e. “third parties”), through elements (such as images, maps, sounds, links) present on the website they are visiting.

However, this website does not store sensitive personally identifiable information (such as address and password) through the cookies we use. These cookies are not used to send advertisements to our users based on their browsing data or for other advertising purposes, other by us or third parties.

Where can I find more information about cookies?
Privacy Authority: click here

Disabling cookies
The user is free to delete cookies through the features made available directly by the browser.  However, by selecting this setup and disabling the options regarding cookies, the user may no longer be able to access certain parts of the website, the navigation might become slower and it won’t be possible to use some of our services, since their inhibition affects the navigation experience.
For further information on how to manage cookies in some of the most popular browsers please refer to the provided informative areas:

Google Chrome: click here
Mozilla Firefox: click here
Apple Safari: click here
Microsoft Edge: click here
Brave: click here
Opera: click here

Cookie Categories

Technical or necessary cookies, for which no express consent is required, are absolutely essential for the correct functioning of the website. These cookies provide basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies don’t gather users’ personally identifiable information and they are used to offer the best possible browsing experience. 

Analytics cookies have the purpose of analyzing information, in aggregated form, about the number of users and on the ways in which they browse the website (pages visited, number of accesses, time spent on the website, etc.).

Other non classified cookies , which are not included into the marketing and/or advertising and/or in the previous categories; they follow the norms and rules meant to give users the best possible browsing experience.

Once you have expressed your cookie treatment choice (consent, refusal or closure through the (X)), our website will keep track of the choice through a technical cookie to avoid repeating the same information at every subsequent access to the site and you will be able to change your choices or to better specify which categories of cookies to allow on the present page titled “Cookie Policy”.

Cookies used by the website 

Technical or Necessary Cookies
The cookies used by the site are technical or functional, used to track the user on the website and, as an example, to memorize preferences such as selected language, distance  from geographical points of interest. etc.

Analytics Cookie
On this website there are cookies belonging to Google Analytics third parties, an analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). They are able to record and display information about website use. These cookies can obtain detailed technical information such as:
» The user's browsing path
» The number of pages visited
» Time between two separate clicks
» Login to the personal area
» Viewings of certain resources 

These cookies keep track of the browsing paths, allowing us to analyze the user experience and to improve usability. The analyzed data is related to the user, who is however never identifiable. 

Data Management Policy: click here

Privacy Policy: click here

Google Analytics Cookies Use: click here

This website uses Google Analytics 4, this version of Google Analytics doesn’t record or store any IP address relating to the users, as described at the following link. Nevertheless, users can selectively disable Google Analytics action by installing on their browser the opt-out element supplied by Google. To disable the data collection by Google Analytics, please refer to: click here

Other Cookies
These are cookies meant to provide a better user experience. They can be, for example, cookies used by video streaming services. 

The maximum storage time of cookies on the user’s device amounts to one year after the initial creation of the cookie.